the project

The Clinton Project started as a cooperation between Clinton Lee Young (Livingston, Tx, USA), Kees Uffen (Almere, NL) and Alex Buitenwerf (Appingedam, NL)

Alex got an idea to raise attention to Clinton’s case, after writing with him for a couple of months. They both like rap music so the idea was to have Clinton write his story as rap lyrics and have this worked out in a track! Alex contacted Kees Uffen (Casey’s Music Company) and he was willing to produce the track! Beside attention, the other goal of the track is to raise money for the Clinton Young Foundation. The Clinton Young Foundation is a charity that raises awareness and is fighting injustice regarding death penalty cases. Alex had planned to create a song that could be used to raise funds for the foundation, and approached Casey to help him produce the track. Casey agreed immediately.

In 2014 the first track was made, Alex arranged a rapper, Talionis, and Casey arranged a female singer to spice up the track a little more. Shamira. The music is written and produced by Casey.  After a while, Clinton wanted the track to be remade, with a Texan rapper, to get more attention in the USA and especially Texas. We contacted PyRexx, a famous Houston rapper and he agreed to redo the vocals of the track. A anonymous, but generous donation made this possible! 

And now, finally, the renewed track is done! Very soon to be released!

Today, The Clinton Project is more than just this track. It’s the collection of music made by, for or with Clinton. Take a look at the Rock songs for example. More to come.